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DeSoto County 4-H kids and staff celebrated National Dairy Month with a trip to a local farm.

DeSoto County 4-H on June 25 held a dairy camp at Dakin Dairy Farms in Myakka City, where five kids spent the day learning about the dairy industry with their 4-H agent Katelyn Mulinix and 4-H program assistant Jodi Schaefer. These campers explored dairy breeds and their different characteristics. Campers also debunked the “brown cows produce chocolate milk” rumor on the learning trip. They did discover, however, that one particular dairy breed produces golden milk!

Can you take a guess which breed that may be? (see below)

During the dairy visit, Jason Dakin shared day-to-day operations on his farm. The youth learned the importance of cow comfort in the free-stall barns, milking cows in the parlor, and he explained the steps taken to ensure the milk is safe and wholesome before even leaving the farm and heading to a local grocery store.

Back at the county extension office, campers were able to observe the fat content in low-fat milk, whole milk, and heavy whipping cream through a sequence of science projects.

What kind of dairy day would it be without making our own dairy treats? The youth were able to shake off some of their energy while churning their own butter to enjoy on crackers.


4-H day camps, programs and other details—DeSoto County Extension Office, 863-993-4846

Guernseys are known as the Royal Breed thanks to their golden milk. A high amount of beta carotene—a source of vitamin A—gives the milk its rich color. Guernsey cows are from Britain, but are believed to have originated from two French breeds.


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