L&E Club minutes, arena visit, rodeo updates

L&E members at Mosaic Arena on Jan. 15.

The L&E members met at Mosaic Arena on Jan. 15 for their monthly meeting. Members met in the arena and were able to view the construction area of the new stalls. They enjoyed strawberry cheesecake prepared by Sunny Day Bistro in Fort Ogden. Members were entertained by Rebecca Ryals, who performed original songs celebrating her roots in DeSoto County. Hostesses for the event were Muriel Hall and Ann Ryals.

Katie Marks, executive director, updated members on the Arcadia All-Florida Championship Rodeo, which will be held March 7-10. Katie told members to be sure to get their tickets because they are going fast. The arena focuses on bringing in functions that will support and promote the community. Functions held at the arena are an asset to DeSoto County and surrounding areas by bringing in visitors from all over the state, nation and even the world to participate and to visit Arcadia. Katie also discussed the other events held in the arena such as the youth rodeo, barrel racing and other large happenings. Keep an eye on the website (arcadiarodeo.com) for upcoming events for all to enjoy.

Members enjoying this meeting included Nancy Ambler, Geraldine Barnwell, Betty Brown, Shirley Cullom, Jane Dasher, Linda Hollingsworth, Susan Lanier, Martha Jo Markey, Genie Martin, Sue Overcash, Ann Ryals, Jenna Ryals, Mindy Ryals, Sue Ellen Smith, Mary Ann Treadwell, Angela Waters, Edith Wildt and Marlou Zolkos, along with guests Elouise Boggess, Michelle Keen and Ann Pepper.


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