Dual enrollment, head start for students

Kattie Ellsworth is one of those fortunate young people who knows what she wants and has the ability and the self-discipline to attain her dreams.

When I was in high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated into the real world. And that’s probably true of many young people.

Those who are fortunate enough to realize a direction for their lives are truly blessed, at any age. The partnership between DeSoto County High School and South Florida State College has made it possible for students who have the direction and the ability to begin a head start on their career through the Dual Enrollment Program.

Kattie Ellsworth is one of those fortunate young people who knows what she wants and has the ability and the self-discipline to attain her dreams. She is presently attending DeSoto High while working on her associate’s degree in psychology from South Florida State College, the DeSoto campus. Kattie will graduate from high school next June, and will receive her two-year degree from SFSC a few months later. Her immediate goal is to go on to get her bachelor’s degree in psychology and to be a guidance counselor on either the high school or college level. Down the road as things work out, Kattie would like to go back to school and get a bachelor and master’s degree in Classical Civilizations, and a Doctorate in Classical Studies, which would qualify her to instruct Classical Studies on the college level.

The dual enrollment program allows qualified high-schoolers such as Kattie to combine high school and college courses. She explains: “I usually take the morning to work on my ‘online’ classes, which are Liberal Arts, Math, Introduction to Diversity for Educators and Speech. The only time I physically go to school is on Thursday, when I pick up my friend and we attend American History class at South Florida State College.

“I want to thank Ms. Henry at the high school and Ms. Mott here at the college for their help and guidance.”

Kattie away from studies works part-time as a tour guide at Dakin Dairy, is an avid reader and loves going to the movies. She is one of the many talented students who are in the Dual Enrollment Program here in Arcadia.

My hat goes off to all of them, for their perseverance and hard work. After attaining your scholastic goals, we hope you will consider bringing your talents back to your hometown.

For information on the SFSC DeSoto/DCHS Dual Enrollment program, contact SFSC campus Director Asena Mott, 863-784-7040.


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