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Miles Christian-Hart has landed another movie role. He’ll play the part of Tony Moon in a film based on the book Love Song and Power by the writer Stevie Kinchen. It is produced by AOK Pictures.

But for Christian-Hart, a movie is part of the routine, having performed in several films, including Big Top Evil, another that premiered in Bonita Springs in 2017 and other film and theater performances, completed or planned.

Christian-Hart, who is 69, has a rich background in business, motorcycle advocacy, faith, event promotions, housing and theater. He was named 2004 Businessman of the Year by the National Republican Congressional Committee, was appointed to a Presidential Business Commission and other honors. A Cuban native, he speaks several languages.

Christian-Hart also owns property in Arcadia and is a co-founder of Arcadia Bikefest, which runs twice a year. He shared details of his backstory with the Arcadian.

Christian-Hart: “I was born in Cuba, but my hometown is Sarasota. Took drama in high school under Mr. Frank Rodgers. Also studied at Ringling College, in theater with the Sarasota Players.

“My first TV show was the Guy Pascal TV talk show back in ‘60s, after that was the Ernie Lee show on channel 8 in Tampa. First famous actor I ever worked with was Cesar Romero in “My 3 Angels” at the Showboat Dinner Theatre in St. Petersburg.

“If you Google me you can see some of the various movies I’ve done like Big Top Evil, The Last Letter of Ponce de Leon, Bonnie Pureheart and the Golden Ghost, Dry Creek, Big Sky, Solus, just to name a few. I got into film by one day skipping elementary school, riding my bike to the TV studio in Sarasota and walking on to the set of the Guy Pascal show.

“I have a couple of film projects planned to do in Arcadia still in the works. I helped bring motorcycle events to town, trying to put Arcadia on the map for different venues to help the economy of the town.

“Being on a movie or TV set is great, stressful but fun at the same time. Lots of pranks going on all the time. When you see yourself on the screen you become very critical of yourself. Anyone wanting to get into this business better be prepared. Have to be prepared to take criticism, the letdowns. But keep trying over and over and over till you get it right or get that break we all wait for.

“It’s hard waiting and working for free sometimes just to get your name and skills out there. You hope someone recognizes your special talents.”


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