1. Write what you love.

What do you enjoy the most? Your memoirs, the great American novel, a how-to book, a biography? Pick the one that interests you the most. Writing a book takes time and patience. If it is not a labor of love, it will soon become your worst nightmare.

2. It’s not a race, take your time.

You will read about authors who pound out thousands of words each day without fail. Others struggle with their first paragraph. Unless you are under a deadline, your best writing will not be the result of rushing. Take your time, enjoy the process.

2. Edit, edit, edit.

Whether you self-publish or not, there will be thousands of edits. Everything from typos, grammar, names, dates, places, etc. Get help from friends or professionals, but do not attempt to edit your book entirely on your own.

4. Self-publish or use a hybrid publisher.

Random House ain’t gonna call you. First-time authors who wait for a publisher—or even an agent to knock on their door—will wait for a very long time. If you really want to publish a book, do it yourself. At least the first time.

5. Market, market, market.

It is a myth that a large publisher will market your book. It’s the author’s responsibility. Social media, direct mail, speaking engagements, book fairs, author conferences, all of those are YOUR responsibility. If you hate marketing or refuse to learn how to market, you will sell a few hundred books, at best.

6. Google everything.

The first and only rule in the publishing industry is: There are no rules. I have discovered that what works for one author may not work for another. Learn from other people’s successes and failures. Trial and error are required. But above all, you must be persistent. That and that alone will guarantee your eventual success in the publishing industry.

Sebring writer Mark Barie has published his first novel “War Calls, Love Cries.” The book is available on Amazon. He can be reached at: MarkBarie.com


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