Meet Arcadia's T-Mobile team, 'listening to customers'

Arcadia T-Mobile team.

Wireless provider T-Mobile is big in DeSoto County. The company’s retail store at 2533 SE State Road 70, Suite 103 in the Arcadia Publix shopping complex is a beehive of activity. Store manager Majahsti Bloom answered questions for our readers.

Question: Tell us about your store. What’s the background.

Bloom: “We opened this location in October 2017 and are excited to have the T-Mobile brand in Arcadia.”

Question: Why Arcadia? What has been the reaction from customers?

Bloom: “In the past lack of network did not allow distribution in a city like Arcadia. Our improvements over the last few years have allowed us to make an imprint in this town. We are also the only Apple distribution center within a 30-mile radius with products like Apple Watches, iPads, iPhones. Our customers are excited to have a new option for wireless service and rave about the great customer service our team provides.”

Question: What’s different about your store?

Bloom: “We are the ‘un-carrier’—listening to customers and giving them what they want is our specialty. Thanks to that we have been able to come up with great solutions for businesses and personal accounts.”

Question: Any changes coming?

Bloom: “We are always evolving our customer experience and technology. During the Super Bowl, for instance, we just recently announced free taco weekly from Taco Bell on our T-Mobile Tuesday app ... along with other goodies.”

Question: Talk about careers in your field. What would you recommend for someone considering the telecom business world?

Bloom: “Being a part of T-Mobile, it is a great career path for someone who is determined and willing to always put the customer first. Our values are aligned with making connections with your loved ones and keeping people close. We create a culture of diversity and inclusion and encourage our team to have fun with their guests. Technology is ever-changing and someone interested in this realm should be adaptable to that type of environment.”

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2533 SE State Road 70, Suite 103, Arcadia (Publix center)

Closes 8 p.m.



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