Tater cartoon for 8-25-21 early release

If you didn’t have anything to celebrate today that you knew of, well, now you do! It’s not a holiday, but there’s some pretty great stuff that is associated with Aug. 25.

First of all, let me appeal to your taste buds by announcing that today is National Banana Split Day! Who doesn’t like those?

I think I was just about grown before I ever ate one, but had seen them on TV and had drooled a time or two. What’s not to like — bananas sliced longways with scoops of ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on top!

The closest I had to that while growing up was Neapolitan ice milk, because we couldn’t even afford ice cream. And you can bet your sweet bippy I was in hog heaven the first time I had a banana split, and it was at Arcadia’s long-since-closed Custard Cup on Highway 17 South.

If you’re feeling especially benevolent today, or want to make a few points with someone, today is also National Willing to Lend a Hand Day. How you choose to celebrate is up to you.

I don’t think that accomplishing stuff on your honey do list counts because you’ve already been “voluntold” by your significant other to work on that. Helping yourself doesn’t count, so never mind that angle.

Think of something fun that you like to do, and then volunteer to do it. You know, like being a taste tester at a good restaurant. Or maybe be a field tester for new swimming pools and sports vehicles.

Such a kind gesture on your part, right?

Did you know that this is also National Kiss and Make Up Day? I realize that this may not be possible in many situations. There’s also a chance of its meaning being misinterpreted. What if you perceived it to be a day to wear makeup and eat Hershey’s kisses? Or a day to listen to music by the band Kiss and making up your own lyrics?

Those are far-fetched ideas, but still might be more appealing than actually kissing somebody in order to end a grudge, patch up a fight, forgive someone’s trespass against you, or actually having to smooch on somebody you’re on the outs with.

And last but not least, this is Second Hand Wardrobe Day. Anybody whose had older siblings who’ve passed down the clothes they outgrew knows what this is all about. I didn’t, being the oldest, but I’m making up for it now by shopping at thrift stores, where I have added greatly to my wardrobe.

But to be fair, I donate clothes right back to them (sometimes the same ones I bought there).

What I’ve outgrown one way or another goes back and sometimes I see it for sale on the clothes rack. I always ask it how it’s doing and invariably find myself apologizing to it for having to let it go. I do have a conscience, y’all, and even separation issues sometimes.

Here’s my criteria: It has to look like it fits before I buy it, as I hate trying stuff on at the store. Another thing is that I need to be attracted to the colors in the first place, and if it comes with cool logos or other fun markings, all the more better.

What I really watch out for is factory misfires, to make sure the zippers on the britches work and that the shirts don’t come with something weird, like three arms. Oh yeah, and bullet holes. That’s a “no” for me because I don’t want to be wearing something that somebody croaked in.

So, have a banana split today, help somebody out, find a willing recipient to smooch on, and accentuate your wardrobe with some previously enjoyed stuff!


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