Here’s a question that snuck into my head the other day while I wasn’t looking — who is in charge of you? And the answer is, barring legal laws and the laws of nature, it’s that person looking back at you from your mirror. That’s right, it’s you.

Who is it that decides what to wear every day, what to eat, what to think, what to say, how to feel? Again, it’s you. That means you have the right to do all those things, and so much more. You’re the one with your hand on wheel and you feet on the pedals. Slow down, speed up, stop, go, turn around, whatever you wish.

Life has so much out there that’s available, though some insist on playing the victim and act like so much is being withheld from them. In reality, often times it’s because they’re not going after what it is they want to achieve or accrue.

Life is all about working and achieving at your own pace. “Follow your dreams” may sound a bit trite, but it beats waiting until you’re old to lament that you didn’t. And it’s certainly better than following somebody else’s dream. Life is too short to play out anybody else’s scenario other than your own.

Life is about the giving, for sure, but it’s also about the taking — taking time to realize what you want, and then go after it. It’s about taking opportunities, rather than resigning yourself to do that “next time.” It’s also about taking chances now and then, but always do so after weighing the risks. And it’s about taking a good assessment of your life from time to time, to see if your path or goals need adjusting.

Life is also about learning. Formal education is crucial and good, but by all means, keep on learning. Learn where your comfort zone meets boundaries that might need pushing, in order for you to progress. And by all means, push. Learn the difference between a true friend and a fair weather friend. Learn from the mistakes of others. Like somebody once said, you won’t live long enough to make all of them on your own.

Life is about accepting responsibility. You earn it, you get it. You mess it up, you fix it. You take it for granted, don’t be surprised when it’s gone.

Don’t complain if it’s you who is letting somebody else be in charge of you, telling you what to do, what to think, what to say, or how to act. Stop and ask yourself — if they’re not letting me run their lives, why should I let them run mine?

You decide when you’ve had enough of anything. Or decide when you’ve not had enough, and go after it. You set your own bar, your own goals, your own aspirations, and work at your own pace. And by all means, don’t stop. Reach one goal, and then set another, a little higher. Reach the next one and keep moving forward.

Too much symmetry calls for a little juxtaposition now and then, in my opinion. Tired of everything being so picture perfect all the time? Color outside the lines one time, and see how that makes you feel.

Figure out how to be you, rather than everyone else controlling this or that aspect of your life. Failure to do this means you’re conceding, and letting others lead you where they want you to go. If you’re going to let others put a bridle on you and hold the reins, don’t complain about the bit you’ll have to wear.

It’s as simple as this — if others aren’t changing everything about them to suit you, why should you be doing it for them? Yes, I know we all exhibit somewhat different behavior, depending on who we’re around at times and what situations we’re in, but if a person is constantly changing to be what others what them to be at the drop of the hat, nobody will ever know who that person was because they never met them. And because they never will have existed, technically.

You be you and I’ll be me. And if we can make that work, together we can be us.


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