Arcadia Woman's Club, topic 'Looking Forward'

Back for a new season, the Arcadia Woman’s Club meeting on Sept. 9 was called to order by President Linda Waters.

Seven members were present and birthday wishes were sung to Babs Ames. Babs gave the blessing for the food and drinks and lunch was served. The devotion Hummingbird Vines was read by Babs Ames, reminding us that little problems left unsolved can grow to be big challenges. Members all stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Linda opened the program with the topic of “Looking Forward.” The Arcadia Woman’s Club celebrates 100 years in 2020, so we have many things to organize before our centennial celebration—committees will be chosen in upcoming meetings.

The secretary’s report was read by Carolyn Adams ... and approved. The treasurer’s report was read by Iris Varner ... and approved. Iris read thank-you notes received from the three students winning this year’s scholarship awards at DeSoto High School. We all are so glad they are following their hopes for a better future.

Old business: how to raise money for next year’s scholarships—one idea was to hold a dance. Iris and Odette will check out a few prospects and costs. We are looking into information on the local chamber of commerce and its benefits.

New business: Linda handed out notebooks and Arcadia Woman’s Club bylaws, birthday calendars, worksheets and member information. Linda asked for members going to the Oct. 15 District 12 meeting at Oakland Hills Golf and Country Club, at Rotonda West, to make arrangements with Iris Varner. Luncheon fees are to be paid before Oct. 7. Five members have volunteered to participate.

In other news: Sherry Miralid announced that she and her husband Gene are donating an electic stove to the club. We also want to thank them for the refrigerator they donated last month.

The meeting was adjourned, the motion made by Sherry and Babs.

Side note: Anyone planning a party, family reunion, baby shower or wedding, please call Ashley Westberry (863-558-4178) for your arrangements. Security fees will be included. 863-494-2966, 2288 NW American Legion Dr., Arcadia


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