Staff report

Students at DeSoto County High School received their Chromebook and ID badges to start the new school year.

“We are in our second year of issuing Chromebooks to every student,” Principal Dave Bremer said. “We tell the students we want them to integrate new knowledge and utilize what they learn. What better way to assist them than give them a Chromebook 24/7? Students bring their Chromebook to school every day fully charged and ready to use in the classroom.

“Teaching does not stop in the classroom, as software such as Schoology and Google Docs keep communication ongoing.”

The student ID badge is a new initiative. Students are to wear their ID badge on a lanyard around their neck at all times. With a quick look at the badge, you can see the students name, picture, grade and off-campus academic such as dual enrollment.

“It’s a safety and accountability issue,” Bremer said. “We can quickly identify our student’s name to a face or identify faces that shouldn’t be here.

“We also someday hope to have portable scanners at a game or dance, and can quickly account for every student should an incident occur. The students and staff have been very patient as we get this process in place, but in the end, we think it is worth it.”

Weekly good deed: Lissandro Garcia found a smartwatch in the DeSoto High gym and brought it to the front office.

Mental health update: DeSoto schools last year began expanding counseling opportunities for students. Due to the popularity of these services, the district increased mental health staff members this year to ensure all students have access to mental health services, if deemed necessary. In the 2019-2020 school year, the district has either a mental health counselor or a social worker supporting DeSoto County High School, DeSoto County Middle School and the three elementary schools. The district also continues to work closely with community-based providers to support students.

If parents are interested in having their child screened, they may complete a counseling screening form, obtained by your child’s guidance counselor or on the Student Services webpage on the district of DeSoto County website,

For questions about these services, contact Dr. Gina Stafford,, 863-993-1333.


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