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Rosa Pileno (left), Dawn Randolph, an adult education/ESOL instructor with DeSoto schools, and Yenibeth Bigott were congratulated by the school board for their academic achievements that include published essays. Classroom success can be obtained in many ways.

Academic achievement isn’t always as simple as the May 31 Class of 2019 ceremonies. Trade schools, virtual learning, alt-ed, hybrid classes, GED, even home-schooling can get us where we need to be on our journey to learn.

But for students such as Yenibeth Bigott and Rosa Pileno, the Family Service Center operated by DeSoto schools is where they’re learning and growing. These two women, in fact, have transitioned to a place few travel … the world of published writing. The pair have essays in Actually, I Can^p, a compilation of such work by adult learners through a contest sponsored by the Florida Literacy Coalition. Bigott and Pileno read their work before the school board.

The Family Service Center offers classes for ESOL, Adult Basic Education and GED. Classes run Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-2:30 p.m., and evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30-8:30 p.m.

The Center also offers summer GED programs, Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-12 p.m. 863-993-1333

Yenibeth Bigott attends the ABE (ESOL Transition) class at the Family Service Center, or FSC. She is in Dawn Randolph’s class. Yenibeth began taking classes at the FSC in 2017. She is excited about learning English and is committed to her education. She works at the McDonald’s in Arcadia, is married and has one son. She enjoys life and lives it to the fullest. She is from Puerto Armuelles, Panama.

Rosa Pileno also attends the ABE (ESOL Transition) class at the the Family Service Center. And she is in Dawn Randolph’s class, a student there since 2017. Rosa is married and has two beautiful daughters. She enjoys walking outdoors and spending time with her family. She moved to the United States from Chilapa Gro., Mexico.

My Favorite Season^p

By Yenibeth Bigott

My favorite season is summer. I enjoy this season because I can spend more time together, as a family and with my son. For example, we can go on vacation, relax, go to the beach or river, and enjoy the boat. We like to fish and go camping too. I think summer is the best time because it is the best time to enjoy family, the weather is beautiful, and my son is on vacation from school.

During the summer, we go to Panama on vacation. I get so excited, so much so, I pack my bags two weeks before we are supposed to go. When we arrive, my niece is waiting for me with flowers at the airport. It is my first joy when I arrive. After that, we go to visit family and friends. It’s quite an adventure because we come as a surprise and we enjoy every moment together. We cook, go dancing, visit places on the Panama Canal, malls, and restaurants. We also visit the old cities of Panama, beautiful beaches, and big islands. We are so busy, we even make time to go snorkeling. I think Panama is a beautiful place to visit for vacation.

Another reason summer is my favorite season is our time spent on the water. We go to the beach, the river and spend time on our boat. It is the best part for all my family because everyone enjoys being together. We have a lot of family who come to visit us from Chicago, Wisconsin, and Indiana. We take them on our airboat in Nocatee, Florida. We will stop and have lunch at the Nav-A-Gator. We love to buy souvenir shirts and listen to live music there. Sometimes we have a barbeque on the boat and enjoy the areas of Siesta Key and Bradenton.

For me, enjoying family and friends is the most important thing. Whether we are on the beach, on the river, or on vacation in Panama, the summer is my favorite season. The best part is all of my family in Panama and the United States.

The Best Advice^p

By Rosa Pileno

I grew up hearing advice from many people. So, the most important pieces of advice are from my mom and great-grandmother. I am thankful for them.

I thought my mother’s advice was only words to make me have a difficult life. But, I was totally wrong! Now, I understand her phrases. For example, “para peliar se nesecitan dos,” in English, “for a fight you need two people.” This advice is important for marriage to avoid a fight.

My great-grandmother was most peaceful with me. When I felt like nobody understood me, her advice to me was take it easy, “Roma no se hizo en un dia,” in English, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Later, she encouraged me to try again. That kind of advice always makes me feel comfortable and brave.

My friends also give good advice. I like to listen to it. Sometimes it helps with problems.

In conclusion, advice is never complete. I continue to listen to my mom’s tips. Now, I can appreciate it and I feel thankful for my great-grandmother, who was wise.


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