The former Last Chapter Coffee House, on the corner of Arcadia’s West Oak Street, has turned a new page, becoming Myshelly’s Kitchen.

Its 65-seat space pays cozy homage to Arcadian antiquities. A 5,000-piece vintage set of Desert Rose Franciscan earthenware sees use every day in a dining room where Betty Boop poses in golfing garb. The old-fashioned ice cream parlor off to one side will soon become a wine and craft beer bar for hubbies whose wives are shopping, or vice versa, for that matter.

In downtown Arcadia it’s now the only 5-star TripAdvisor eatery and the only one besides Slim’s BBQ that’s owned by a born-and-bred Arcadian.

Chef-owner Michelle Miller, a DeSoto High grad, came back to her hometown and purchased the 1906 building at 15B W. Oak, she claims, just to open a restaurant for her dad.

What better reason could there be? Miller said she couldn’t stand to see him as a widower, eating nothing but the canned food in his cabinets. She knew she could feed him better than that. She and her family have been involved in 23 restaurants, dating back to culinary roots in France.

Since opening last summer, Myshelly’s Kitchen (a play on Michelle’s name) has become a gathering place for more than just Miller’s dad. Everyone in town seems to show up there, too, for fresh, preservative-free ingredients. They’ll flock in on weekends, as well, for flawless eggs, fluffed up with yogurt, and Monte Cristo sandwiches.

Here are some of Chef Michelle’s secrets—at least those she’ll divulge:

She has well-known guest chefs popping in from time to time.

She uses no mayo in her cooking. Her heavenly potato, chicken and egg salads are bound instead with that rich Greek yogurt.

She doesn’t normally serve dinner, but every third Friday and Saturday of the month, “Our pop-up dinners give as many as 200 people, locally and from afar, two special nights to have something a little different in a quaint restaurant in a historic 1906 building.”

Even better, there are fresh-made French baguettes here. Just tear off a hunk, dip it in butter and you’re at a sidewalk café in Paris.

“We break bread together every day before we open,” Miller added.

Myshelly’s Kitchen ($), 863-993-5030, is open daily 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., with pop-up dinners ($$) the third Friday and Saturday of each month. Miller plans a Taste of Italy pop-up for March 15-16, and likely a French dinner for April.


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