Trucker from Punta Gorda threatened mass shooting at Memphis church, FBI alleges

Frayda Habib Zeltsar OMG, This is hitting to close to home. Thank goodness he was caught before another horrific slaughter.

Mary Lou Delfico How does a person in his state of mind get a medical card to drive a semi? If he is being treated for schizophrenia, his medical card should have been revoked and he should have been placed in a doctor;s care until he was stable on meds,

Swim warning at Blind Pass

Ellie Decker Write to your Commissioners and Florida State Representatives and Senators. Need to update infrastructure, have generators on all lifts, mandatory septic inspections and Advanced Wastewater Treatment even if this time it may be not human. Always pick up pet waste and only have dogs in designated area, like Brohard Paw Park, and NOT Blind Pass, Caspersen, Manasota, Englewood Beach or Stump. The original dog law is to protect birds, but it has other benefits. I love dogs and a small dog makes a great burglar alarm.

Jason Motz That’s odd.... multiple sewage spills around Sarasota and now this... I’m so sick of these people getting away with this. Class action lawsuit needs to be filed.

Don Schneider Septic systems do not belong on barrier islands!

Clark Brothers Memorial Park is official

Bruce Griffin Well deserved!

Sylvia Ashley What a Blessed way to Honor these Children of God!!

Coralee Hill Shearer Wonderful way to honor those children,

North Port woman, 21, may get shorter sentence for DUI manslaughter

Leslie Williams What a slap in the face to the family of the girl she killed and all the others she hurt!

Brittany Christine “All the occupants of Lanier’s vehicle tested positive for amphetamine, benzodiazepine, cannabinoid, cocaine metabolite, and opiates.” What were they thinking?! I’m surprised mixing the drugs alone didn’t kill them. I feel sorry for all the parents involved.

Debbie Brown Wait......she has ANOTHER open case?????

Chad Davis That be 2 Driving under the influence cases and being underage also..SMH

Convicted of DUI manslaughter, Venice coach returns and is sharing his story

Pamela Zwick Having followed this heartbreaking story since the beginning, I am so happy to see the journey lead to here. I am proud to have Josh be a part of our Venice community and coaching at my alma mater.

Josh, best wishes for continued growth and success. Your best friend is looking down on you with pride!

Melissa Keyes Claessens I hope he uses his experience to talk to the kids at VHS and not just the football team. ALL the students benefit from his testimonial.

Medical pot in schools approved — with conditions

Sarah Desrosiers Happy to hear that and I agree with the conditions wholeheartedly. From what I understand, the parent/caregiver will need to bring the meds to school to administer and it shall not be left on campus. The children that have been prescribed it, NEED it, so it’s wonderful they have the right to have access to it during the school day. Good job, Charlotte County!

Siddy Mae I use to be a nurse for Charlotte County schools. Every day at lunch, I had about 20 kids coming to take ADHD meds, which were amphetamines. So I’m all for a more natural approach

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Facebook Comments are compiled by Sonya Shellhouse.


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