Peace River treasure hunters make cable TV debut in search of Gasparilla’s gold

El Chuy I been swimming in that river since i was a boy. Aint no gold down there

Sharon Mills Ya just never know. Peace River has a lot of history with a lot of surprises. I have a fire pit made out of brick dove up by my Dad. There use to be big ships in the river.

Jeff Norris Pirates were poor money managers. That gold was spent on rum and women years ago.

Tammy Smith Those are the stories my grandfather would tell. He knew all about pirates and the buried treasure along the Peace River.

Celeste Wynn Consider the fact that the river is no longer where it flowed 300 years ago. It would take a boat load of luck to find.

Kathy Cail Griffin Look at historical maps of the river. It’s meandering path has changed a lot in the past few hundred years.

Sharon Mills Yes the river changes, that is why ya just never know what ya might find. The fun is what counts. Not sitting in front of the idiot, head not buried in a cell phone, out enjoying nature. Peace River is the place to do it. As teenagers, we would ski at Liverpool, gators and all! Got myself in some thick muck there! Lol

You can lay bricks Saturday. Historic street bricking party for Goldstein Street in Punta Gorda

Sarah Johnson Lemieux Citizens started helping with the brick streets before 2000 ... the city was going to tear up the brick and put back asphalt sometime in the mid to late ‘80s. I think it was around the time of the centennial celebrations. I have photos of my mom working on tearing up the bricks, cleaning them and laying them back down.

Linda Bishop Wilson Sarah Johnson Lemieux I remember at at one time when we helped, we were called Rufus Raiders as he was heading it up that year.

Sarah Johnson Lemieux Linda ... mom used to talk about “tough bricks” and how people would leave them for her to clean when she was away. She’d return to a stack of bricks nobody else could get the asphalt and gunk off of.

Sewage spill volume jumps for 2019

Carol Blais Better question would be why are folks being forced to sewer service when it is known to be inadequate. Septic inspection could be implemented in a short time frame. After all, we used to have it before Scott the Polluter came along.

Dan Zuknick Too many people, not enough lift stations? Or is it the deteriorating sewer systems? OR? All the above?!!.

Ever heard of Myakka River Park?

Steve Holmes Just some running and hiking trails. Leave it natural but have done trails with crushed shell so we can get out and enjoy it.

Mike Melton I am currently building a house on Gallagher, the southern boundary, so I will definitely attend this. My wife and I think it should remain a preserve, but a small pavilion in the existing clearing would be nice. Since they have cleared that area already for staging the dredging operation, it would make total sense to do it there now. Plus, there is a great view from that location of the El Jobean bridge.

Cheri Cas As more and more areas are being developed, wildlife has nowhere to go. It would be a disservice by doing anything other than preserving it.

Sue Camp Preserving it with possible nature trails sounds OK, but mostly preserving it for wildlife should be ultimate goal.

Jamie Burdick Amo LEAVE IT ALONE!!!! Let the wildlife have a place to live.

Would you want this sign on your block?

David Bachert Good luck selling your home on a street with those signs. Great for the neighbors property value.

Marcia LoVerdi While intentions are good, I think it is a deterrent for would-be newcomers. I wouldn’t want to buy a house on that street. I wouldn’t want to rent from the owner. Tells people there is a drug issue in North Port. That’s the flip side of highlighting that the police are doing their job.

Stacey McConnell Brown I think it’s putting everyone on notice. If you sell drugs, there are consequences. If you own the house and rent to these people, than that’s the price you pay.

Jane Osborne Potter I do not think it is a good idea and think there is a question of legality. Once drugs are seized by the police, does the police department actually own the home? There could be innocent family members living in the same home. While police are to be commended for doing their job, the sign is a step too far.

Marcia B. McDaniel I think this is great ! It shows people we will not tolerate this.

Stephanie Gibson Id like to know where we draw the line? Do we put up a sign on a hooker’s house? Why not mark the cars of people who do 60 in a school zone putting our children at risk? What about a home who has someone with mental illness and gets Baker-acted? Or a burglar busted in our neighborhood. Let’s flag them with a scarlet letter.

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