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Do we need a trauma center in Charlotte County?

Tiffany Lyn We definitely need a trauma center; however, we need to make our hospitals cleaner and more patient oriented.

Debra Bridson We really need a hospital that gets better than a D rating.

Mark A. Matlock Yes, increased population, increased traffic, much of it on 41 and 75. Trauma center in county is essential. Negligent not to have one!

Red tide comes and goes on Englewood Beach

Sue Hunter Chynoweth I live near old Englewood and have been coughing all weekend, but not sick.

Lisa Field We went to Boca Grande yesterday. We were coughing within 5 min., throat irritated. Got back car and came home.

Carroll Swayze Englewood Beach isn’t good. The water is very murky and the air is hard to breathe. Thank you Army Corps for dumping Lake Okeechobee water into the Caloosahatchee again. Creating cyano bacteria which dies, flows out into the Gulf and feeds the red tide. When are we going to realize that there is dangerous collateral damage when we dump poison water into our environment.

Rob Garcia Ah, no big deal. It’s not like our economy depends on beaches. I don’t care what ANYBODY says ... this IS a political issue. The same politicians who keep getting elected over and over again, are the same ones letting Mosaic, Monsanto, big sugar and local municipalities dump in the water here. It is only a matter of time till no one comes here because of the polluted water. I always hear bullabout how bad snowbirds are ... well, don’t worry. Your highways, beaches and bank accounts will be barren soon. Maybe those companies are hiring?

Saltwater Cafe torn down

Julia Hirtzel I was a hostess back in ’02-’03. I will always remember the guy that came in and played his guitar, and also feeding the shrimp in their tanks. The owner was so nice. She would bring us back chocolate from when she went home, SO TASTY!

Verna Blaine My memory is of the Venice location.

Leilani Simmons Worst food I ever ate.

CurtCarrie Bailey It really wasn’t that good. Surprised they lasted so long.

Bertram Sawalt Went there once and it was horrible!!!!

Publix opening; other stores set in West Villages Marketplace

Sandy Collins Walker Great. There will be less pressure on the Shopping center at 41 and Jacaranda.

Tommy Villani Irma’s Tacos, Craft Beer and Tequila Bar is excited to be a part of this new complex!

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