DeSantis proposes boost to minimum teacher salary

Brenda Alcaraz Niswander Yes! They truly need this for they impact our future generation daily!

Rob Svirskas Still too low based on the service they provide. How about 20% of the lowest paid player on the Miami Dolphins? Still unfair with regard to service provided, but a little closer to equitable.

Sally Whiting That’s still ridiculously low. Minimum starting should be 55K!

George Palange This is long overdue!!

Kathy Novacich I’ll believe it when I see it!

Scott Kline Put cops and firefighters into that minimum pay category as well.

Clyde Butcher wins national photography award

Janie Raynor Well deserved. His photos are amazing! Congratulations!

Ron Perry Awesome. Earned and well deserved

Bonnie Seekford No one deserves it more. Congratulations.

Jane Short Congratulations. His photos are amazing.

Who’s been shooting BBs in Rotonda?

Shirley Szepelak Oh My goodness. Not funny. Will be very sad if someone gets hurt!! Very, very stupid!!!!

Jean Panyard You’ll shoot your eye out.

Karen Devery Kupse Who does this ...

Commissioners seek workshop on possible pet chicken ordinance

Lydia Carloni Yes!!!! A small, maintained flock hurts nothing and is a win-win with fresh eggs for the neighbors, too! There is no smell, no rats, no bugs. We are not talking a chicken farm, just a few hens. A backyard flock is a wonderful thing!

Deborah Shagena If you want chickens, move to a farm. They really are not all that clean.

Susie Reynolds Johnson Morrison Yes, but no roosters!

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