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BBQ collects $2,700; DeSoto’s homeless helped

Frank Raborn It wont be the last! So proud of our community to come out and support the cause. We couldn’t have done it without y’all.Thank you!

Myrtice Beck This was for a wonderful cause .

I want to thank each one of you for doing such a great job . And to the ones who made the sides, help serve and put together the take-outs, thank you ,too .The food was delicious.

Angel Heaven Good work you guys , keep it up for your community homeless aid. TY and Bless y’all.

Some not happy with downtown Waffle House

Sarah Desrosiers I love Waffle House. However, we already have one on Jones Loop and another on Kings Hwy. I can think of a hundred other restaurants or retail shops I would have rather seen there. Downtown is a special place, not sure why we are being flooded with auto part places, Dollar Generals and Waffle House. I think we can do better.

Cindy Santangelo Kaminski Not happy about it. Yes, it will bring jobs to the area but it wouldn’t have been my first choice for a restaurant there. I would have preferred to see Panara’s.

Noelle Desrochers Olby Dollar stores and Waffle Houses. Our society is surely sinking.

Julie Presseller There was a time we protected our city from chain restaurants...

Our state lawmakers want to hear from you

Jay Lamborn Stay out of our business and leave us to our liberty? You know, how the founders intended.

Kelly Strugala Address the failing FL state parks. We met volunteers at many of them, and the conditions are bad because govt. money keeps being taken away. And the rangers all work extremely long hours for low pay. And there are not enough people volunteering.

Melissa Mason Crack down on Asian spas!!! Between the FL massage board & the FL legislature, you think they could do something!

Are towing companies scamming you? Veteran says motorcycle stolen, recovered, stolen again

Debbie Brown Did you read the whole story?? What crooks! Wrong address for the auction, then they held a “silent auction” and lo and behold THEY BOUGHT THE BIKE THEMSELVES!!!! There should be laws against this thievery!

Amanda C Sullivan Or tow company’s that won’t tell you what they charge per mile.

Venice Municipal Fishing Pier is open again

Phyllis Militello Was there Saturday. Nice job..

Billy Samuels Just in time for the Fall King run...

Carrie Poole Yahoo!!

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