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Lost Lagoon plan for Murdock Village gets six-month extension

Anna Day ENOUGH hotels ... bars and restaurants. We need things for residents.

Jonathan Lennox This project is planned as a major Entertainment and commercial zone. An amphitheater for concerts is part of the plan.

Jonathan Lennox The water park, commercial and entertainment district are on a phased purchase schedule. Ground breaking wasn’t going to happen till at least late 2020 or early 2021. With the other half of the land having 2,500 homes about to go into production and with the growth of North Port. The developer will more than likely continue with the project. Allowing the residential growth to happen first is a smart play.

Can Punta Gorda be more ‘age-friendly’?

Lydia Carloni A REAL bus line connecting to Lee and Sarasota counties makes so much sense and I cannot figure out why Charlotte wont pass it. From older folks getting to docs and testing, younger folks getting too and from work, it’s a win-win. Less traffic on the roads, less pollution, less accidents as the aging population would have more choices. How about age-friendly as in something for the younger folks? How about economically friendly, where a person can actually afford to live here? Right now, attracting more isn’t what we need, we need to fix what we have.

Kate Gunster Punta Gorda is age-friendly.

More than 2,000 attend veteran’s funeral

Melissa Gallo McLaughlin My good friend from high school lives in Sarasota and went today. He sent me pictures!! Warms my heart to no end. I only recently began to understand & appreciate the importance on making an effort to attend funeral services. You live in a beautiful community, Aunt Ann & Uncle Jim!

Karen Ross Kirsch It was a beautiful ceremony. So proud of our community!

Kathy Hadus McKellar How awesome ... I first heard 600, then 1,000 and now more than 2,000! That is just amazing.

Beth Dewey Americans know how to love.

Englewood couple wins Italian getaway

Kathleen Callahan Jarosik If your Italy trip is half as wonderful as Ireland was last year, you will have a blast!!!! Congratulations and have a fabulous time!!!!!

Wiseguys Barbershops Nice! Back to the mother land!!

Janet Shawen So excited to hear this! Looking forward to watching all that you experience!

Atlanta Braves farmer’s market opens for business

Marcia LoVerdi Great idea. Now people have options with Englewood on Thursdays and Venice on Saturdays.

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