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DeSoto Co. medical pot shops: Export only

Wilder Willie Harrison I am not an user of medical marijuana, and I get that Commissioners don’t want to give any impression that Desoto County is a party harty place, but to put in place that if you want it, you can just go to another county and buy it. For one, the city and county are going to lose the tax revenue from this legitimate product. Another thing is that you are denying those that are sick and living in poverty the ability to receive medicine that will help them. You see, not everybody who is for this medicine aren’t a bunch of stoners who want to get stoned. There are people who are in serious pain. My wife suffers from RA. She lives in pain daily. She has never smoked cigarettes, or drank alcohol, or touched drugs her whole life. We are Christians, and live a clean life, but she would take anything to eliminate her pain from that dreadful disease. So if any Commissioners are reading this, please reconsider your position on this, and get over what kind of image you are trying to keep, and think about the needs of the community

Nancy Shepherd Ailes I have to go out of the county. Would prefer to spend locally. This is big business and bring a lot of money to the county. It’s also very expensive to get your card and to buy the product. But since using this I’ve also cut my other pain meds by half.

Jimmy Pummell We need Commissioners who put the people first, not the Baptist Church.

Does pickleball have a future at Gilchrist?

Jo Anne Moretti It’s a waterfront park where people go to have fun. It is not dirty, loaded with riff raff, or anything else. It’s not a library either. People are respectful. I have been on the harbor walk many times. It has never been unmanageable or unpleasant. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the area. Don’t start over policing, or hassling people because they may laugh, or bounce a ball. That’s what it’s there for.

Jen Hen It is a shame that people can’t enjoy the outdoors without a bunch Debbie downers complaining. What’s next, you’re going to ask that the brand new park be removed because it’s blocking the view and kids laughter hurts the ears?

Convicted felon accidentally shoots himself with stolen gun, cops say

Kathy Emilie This guy was out on bond from Charlotte County, for committing a felony, and had been in Florida State Prison twice. He’s been accused of committing 41 felonies. He was found guilty of ten of the 41. He is exactly the poster boy for why there are certain people (convicted felons) who should not have guns. He is also a good example of why some states have “three strikes and you’re out” laws that put people in prison permanently. I know it may sound unchristian, but I am glad that he was stupid enough to not empty the gun of bullets before he cleaned it and shot HIMSELF before he used on someone else, like his arresting officers or judge. (My dad lost his partner to murder by an individual like this felon. And that partner was a really caring person who wanted nothing more than to be helpful to everyone in New York.) Plus, I would like to look up which judge in Charlotte County let this felon out on bond. I think the next time this judge’s name comes up on the ballot as to whether he should continue as a judge, I will vote him (or her) out. There are just some felons with high risk of recidivism who should be denied bail, for the safety of law enforcement and the rest of the community.

Jon Koehler He got what he deserved. Felons aren’t allowed to have firearms.

YMCA to close North Port child care facility

Lisa Logan Wilson Too bad this happened. After reading the article, it is disappointing that North Port cannot find the funding to bring the facility up to standards. The facility should be better than just “not unsafe.” It is very difficult to find daycare in this area. (Especially ones that accept babies.) 50 children may not sound like a lot, but it is when all those parents/guardians have to find other solutions that have openings. Hopefully the city figures out a solution before Sept. 30th. Here’s hoping.

Melanie Kay Garguilo Instead of people saying “good” or “they lasted longer than I expected,” think about all the middle class families that struggle to pay for daycare. The North port YMCA provided them with affordable daycare, and now they are going to have to figure out what they are going to do for care and how they are going to afford care for their children. Shame on you all for not thinking of others!!!!!

Lisa Viola Holmes Shame. How are parents, mostly mothers, going to afford other daycare in area?

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Venice landmark makes way for new construction

Allison Horsley Ahhhh, Smitty’s!! Excellent steaks and burgers!!

Beth Cashatt Thomas I loved their prime rib and cheddar sandwiches! I also went in to labor there with my son Rob Blalock!

Elaine Lanzilotte Schwartz NO MORE CONDOS FOR RICH PEOPLES winter homes. We NEED APARTMENTS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO WAIT ON THEM. Efficiency apartments or 1 bd, 1 BA


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