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Hate crimes on the rise nationally, statewide; but few reported regionally

Frayda Habib Zeltsar Very sad and it angers me that people just can’t seem to get along, because of color, religion, sexuality, etc. Thankfully where we live, we know we all can get along.

Robert Peterson I think the recording of the hate crimes is getting more accurate. The actual number of incidents may not be on the rise but how crimes are categorized is changing

Tammy Lynn Gant Because everyone is offended by everything today!! Thanks media.

Iguana infestation: Lizard-infested house vexing Englewood neighborhood

Donna Irene Stogsdill Read that in the paper this morning....WOW!!!! Those poor neighbors!

Tracey Renaud Villacis I’d like to know who the property manager is.

Henry Overhoff Wait till the roof collapses? What a response that is. Hurricane season is here. Fine the bank some big money. That might wake them up.

Worker recovering after rattlesnake bite in North Port

Dana Amaro With snake bites on the rise, they should start stocking up on meds to treat in emergency rooms, definitely.

Jennifer Harris Musgrove If we would just stop building on their homes, this wouldn’t be an issue! Like the wild hogs in Lakewood Ranch that have nowhere to go and coyotes in neighborhoods now! Florida and all its natural wonders are being destroyed by greed and pollution!

Ashley Wilburn We built on their homes!!! What do we expect??

Homeless camp cleared at former Winn-Dixie

Maurine Lang Where should they go. It’s sad. Don’t judge. It’s closer than you think. It could be you.

Stacey Trowell Why can’t people just leave people alone. The homeless has nowhere to go.

Back to serving you — Former PG cop returns to duty as volunteer during cancer treatment

Michael Riley We, as a community are blessed to have Cathy Stewart as a Law Enforcement Officer, a School Resource Officer, a Mentor and a Role Model for so many children of Charlotte County.

State declares open season on green iguanas

Tracey Hall Sad. I love seeing them. We’ve pretty much flushed them out of their natural habitat, now kill them.

Tammy Ralston Glad the state is moving so quickly on the iguana problem, instead of, you know, the Gulf, wastewater treatment plants, Lake O’ poison, flesh eating bacteria, urea waste spills, air quality, overdevelopment anddddd banning RoundUp.

Edward White Invasive species....you know the most destructive invasive species? People.

Erick Vazquez Aguirre Tacos anyone?

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