"Good Boys"


Brady Noon, Jacob Tremblay and Keith L. Williams in “Good Boys.”


Rated PG for rude humor and action.

What it’s about: The sequel to the “The Angry Birds Movie” sees frenemies from Bird and Piggy Island team up to save their homes from an invading eagle.

The kid attractor factor: The animated fun and silly characters.

Good lessons/bad lessons: We’re better and stronger when we work together.

Violence: Some chase scenes and perilous situations.

Language: No swearing, but some bathroom humor.

Sexuality: A few shots of Leonard the pig’s behind, references to dating and relationships.

Drugs: None.

Parents advisory: Family fun for all ages, but a few jokes will go over kids’ heads.


Rated R for strong crude sexual content, drug and alcohol material, and language throughout, all involving tweens.

What it’s about: Three tweenage boy best friends try to navigate that precious middle school age of learning about sex, drugs and all the complicated aspects of adult life.

The kid attractor factor: Kids and teens may be drawn to the young stars and comedic genre.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Stick together, but learn to grow on your own.

Violence: A raucous brawl in a frat house, a perilous scene running through traffic.

Language: Strong language and swearing throughout.

Sexuality: Many often misinterpreted references to sex and sexuality. Graphic discussions, even though they don’t always get the details right.

Drugs: Frequent references to teenage drug use and drinking.

Parents advisory: Although the stars of this raunchy comedy are kids, it’s for teens and adults only.

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