I’m wondering. Did the photo scare you?

This week’s #1 story was from Waterline, which is our boating and fishing magazine. The headline on the story is “Things that go bump in the water.”

That headline alone makes you wonder what you should worry about in the water around here. But the photo that published with the story is perhaps even more frightening.

In the photo is a man standing on a pole in the Gulf. We do not know why he is standing there. But we can see something in the water.

Is it a shark? A giant manta ray? Something else?

I suspect thousands of you clicked on the headline to read the entire story so you could read the photo caption. I know that’s why I clicked. What was that thing in the water?

(Oh, this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you that you can get the Waterline magazine in your newspaper for only an additional $2 a month. The magazine is published every week. Just call 941-206-1300 if you want to add Waterline to your subscription. OK, end of sales pitch.)

Here are the Top Five stories from last week:

boat sunk

Well, if your boat’s gonna sink, I guess this is a pretty good place for it.

1 Things that go bump in the water

OK, here is the story I was talking about. So why is that man standing on a pole in Gulf? To find out, read the story at: https://bit.ly/2VtJZoq

2 More than 2,000 attend veteran’s funeral

You’ve probably already heard the story of veteran Edward Pearson. He passed away, and the funeral home was unable to find any of his family.

His obituary went viral when the funeral director included this sentence in the service announcement: “This veteran has no immediate family and all are welcome to attend.”

News of the ceremony at an open-air pavilion area at the Sarasota National Cemetery spread fast and wide in veterans’ forums and on social media networks. CNN host Jake Tapper and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio tweeted the information.

Because of all this attention, more than 2,000 people showed up, causing a real traffic jam on Interstate 75.

An amazing story. You can read it at: https://bit.ly/2OxM5SP

3 Local cadaver dogs search, find bodies in Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian


Peace River K-9 Search and Rescue members Nadja Hoffman and her K-9 Nelson work with Tim Thiel, a search specialist, recently in the Bahamas. They were looking for bodies washed away during Hurricane Dorian last month. The team is made up of volunteers from Englewood, North Port, Port Charlotte, Sarasota and Lee County.

We all know about Hurricane Dorian and how it hung over the Bahamas for days. Basically, the entire island had the equivalent of a tornado over it.

More than 1,000 people died. Nearly all the buildings on the island were demolished.

So when we reported that local dogs that specialize in finding dead bodies was sent to the Bahamas, thousands of you wanted to read that story.

Members of the Peace River K-9 Search and Rescue Association worked for days with police and other first responders in the Bahamas. They found 15 bodies.

To read more about this sad situation, visit: https://bit.ly/3128Ssy


Candles and messages of love and support remained in the yard Monday from the vigil Sunday.

4 Fundraiser for family of teen slain in home could help them with funeral, new housing

Even though this single story is in the #4 spot, this incident with all the stories we have written over the past two weeks is easily the most-read story online when you combine all the articles.

This is the story of the teenager who died while defending his little sister from a man who had broken into the house. A GoFundMe account has been started to help pay for the funeral and to help the family move from the home where the incident occurred.

To read the story, visit: https://bit.ly/2M40DYR

5 North Port man charged in stabbing

Devon Nelson

Devon Nelson

OK, this will sound crass but stories about somebody getting stabbed don’t usually make the Top Five list on here. But this story was bizarre.

Here’s what happened: Devon J. Nelson, 28, of North Port and Daniel Jacobo, 43, of Sarasota had knives when they went into a man’s home, entered his bedroom, stabbed him in the abdomen and beat him, reports show.

And what did they want? They wanted two vehicle titles that the victim had.

To see how the police found these men, read the story at: https://bit.ly/310HUl1

Ronald Dupont Jr. is the digital editor for Sun Newspapers.


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