Ride for Tiny Town, how you can help

Feb. 9 Ride for Tiny Town details are at www.ridefortinytown.com, 941-807-3950.

There are many bicycle events that are popular across Florida and that attract thousands of cyclists from in and outside our state. That level of interest is exactly what the organizers of Ride for Tiny Town are hoping for with their first annual cycling event next Feb. 9.

This ride is about having fun, but it’s more than just an opportunity to get on a bike—it’s a fundraiser for a worthy cause. By supporting this event, you are raising money for the DeSoto Cares Tiny Town Project for the Homeless, and also to benefit the Arcadia All-Florida Rodeo Association, which will provide many volunteers. The event will seek to build on Arcadia’s Bicycle Initiatives. All funds raised stay in our local community. The DeSoto Care’s mission is to improve the quality of life for the homeless. You and your sponsors will be helping to make that goal a reality.

“It doesn’t matter if you are on a three-wheeler with just one speed or with the best bicycle your money can buy,” said Patty Walker, event director for Ride for Tiny Town. “You pedal at your own pace! We want to bring people together to try something new and build on the growing love for cycling as sport, fitness and mobility.”

Ride for Tiny Town is a one-day event that Walker and team are hoping to deliver as “a fun and unique experience.” Three route options with varying levels of mileage and fundraising will begin at the Mosaic Rodeo Arena. Riders may choose from a 15-mile, and more challenging 30- and 60-mile routes. The ride offers something for hard-core cyclists ... and those new to riding.

Kick off your Ride for Tiny Town with a start line to remember. Imagine hundreds of cyclists lined up together as they prepare to begin their journey riding the picturesque citrus-grove lined roads. All routes will have rest stops and support vehicles.

Not a cyclist? Come join as a volunteer, which is critical to the success of the ride.

“We are focused on making sure it’s fun and safe and that people want to come every year,” Walker said.

How about putting a team together? Starting or joining a Tiny Town Team is easy and can be done at active.com. Teams provide a great source of support and comradery as you fund-raise for the Ride for Tiny Town.

Ride for Tiny Town will be an all-day celebration, as riders crossing the finish line they will be treated to a delicious complimentary lunch, ice cream and entertainment, all included with a registration fee. It promises to be a first-rate cycling experience at every level.

“Our mission is simple” is the Ride for Tiny Town team axiom. Walker said: “It’s an exciting and new tradition for Arcadia.”

Ride for Tiny Town details are at www.ridefortinytown.com, 941-807-3950


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