"Almost Family"

Timothy Hutton, Brittany Snow, Megalyn Echikunwoke and Emily Osment star in “Almost Family.”

In Almost Family (Wednesdays on FOX), only child Julia Bechley (Brittany Snow) is shocked to learn — along with the rest of the world — that her father, renowned fertility doctor Leon Bechley (Timothy Hutton), regularly used his own genetic material to help pregnancy-challenged couples. Enter Edie Palmer (Megalyn Echikunwoke) and Roxy Doyle (Emily Osment), two of the many miracle babies Leon may have fathered and Julia’s possible half sisters.

“It’s controversial subject matter,” says executive producer Annie Weisman. Here Hutton and Snow share their sides of the story.


What was your first meeting with Brittany like?

We met at the first table read. I had seen her in Pitch Perfect, and when I got the news she was playing the role, I was so happy.

How would you describe Leon and Julia’s relationship?

Very codependent. Because Julia’s mom, my wife, has passed away, they really just have each other … then trust gets thrown out the window, and they have a tremendous amount to work out.

What’s your character’s moral line?

He really believes he was simply helping people who were desperate and troubled by not being able to have children.

What does family mean to Leon?

That’s one of the big themes. He is going to have to step up as a parent, father, friend and person of emotional support. He’s been self-centered most of his life, so learning those things is going to be a challenge.

Rolling your tongue is a shared genetic trait we see in the show. Can you do it?

Yes, I can!


What was your first meeting with Timothy like?

Did he remember? Was it the table read? Yes! He’s very hard not to like, and he wears his heart on his sleeve, like I do.

How would you describe Julia and Leon’s relationship?

Very codependent, but he has forgotten how to be a parent, so she’s the parent to him. That dynamic shifts when he falls from grace.

What’s your character’s moral line?

Julia has a great moral compass. She really leads with her heart almost to her detriment and puts her needs on the back burner.

What does family mean to Julia?

At first, family means keeping everything copacetic and warm and loving. Then her new definition is that family is what you have to make of it. She’s going to have to deal with a lot of things that aren’t warm or loving.

Rolling your tongue is a shared genetic trait we see in the show. Can you do it?

Yes! I actually didn’t know that wasn’t a thing everyone could do!


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