Did you get your eye exam this year? How about a dental exam?

Have you had your hearing checked?

Most people ignore their hearing as part of their overall annual wellness. It is something we all should have checked annually. Did you know that only 14 percent of primary-care physicians screen your hearing as part of your annual exam?

Here in Arcadia we now have a hearing center located inside Walmart. This is a new joint venture with Walmart, Quest Diagnostics and Lucid Hearing. We provide free hearing exams and also provide hearing aids at a much-reduced price compared to private practice.

Do you know the signs of hearing loss? Here are some signs:

Requiring people to repeat themselves

Difficulty hearing in noisy places such as restaurants or get-togethers

TV volume turned up high

Accusing people of mumbling

Hearing loss is not always a “volume” issue … it can be a clarity issue too. Do you hear but misinterpret what other people say? That can be hearing loss in the high pitches, which affects clarity of speech.

Your health can be affected when you have untreated hearing loss, putting you at a higher risk for developing dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and balance issues. Johns Hopkins University, in fact, released a study linking untreated hearing loss and cognitive decline. That is why it is important to your overall health to have your hearing checked annually by a licensed hearing professional as part of your overall wellness.

Visit us at Walmart for a free hearing test and a demonstration of the Lucid Hearing technology. Call for an appointment or walk in Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. 863-303-8663

Joanna Balchi is a board-certified hearing specialist at the hearing center at Quest Diagnostics in Arcadia


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