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ARCADIA — An Arcadian teen was arrested in connection with a shooting Saturday afternoon in DeSoto County, according to a DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office report.

Victor Cervantes, 17, was reported to have shot into a vehicle near S.W. Hillsborough Ave., injuring all three occupants as part of a “retaliatory incident between feuding teens.”

DCSO believes the shooting is an isolated incident.

Detectives responded to DeSoto Memorial Hospital Saturday concerning three patients who were being treated for gunshot wounds.

After speaking with them, detectives learned the victims were in a vehicle near S.W. Hillsborough Avenue, when they were allegedly approached by Cervantes who pulled up next to them in a vehicle and began shooting into theirs.

DCSO representatives said further details regarding the victims, their ages and condition, would not be available until a later date “due to the nature of the ongoing investigation.

Media reports stating that the shooting occurred at DeSoto Memorial Hospital were inaccurate; however, the hospital did have to go on lockdown as a result.

“It is always our policy that if there is a victim of a violent crime such as a shooting, the hospital goes on partial lockdown to ensure the attacker does not follow the victim to the hospital to continue their attack,” DMH spokesperson Sarah Hipp told The Daily Sun. “Once we believe there is no longer a threat, we will lift the lockdown. This ensures the safety of our patients and our staff.”

In the report, representatives noted that DCSO staff worked throughout the night and into the early morning hours of Sunday processing more than one crime scene, identifying and locating the whereabouts of Cervantes and preparing warrants.

Once detectives confirmed the suspect was at his residence, a search warrant was obtained, signed by a judge and executed.

Cervantes was booked on attempted murder charges at DeSoto County Jail and was later transported to a juvenile detention facility in Manatee County where he is currently being held without bond.

DCSO representatives told The Daily Sun they will most likely be releasing more information about the shooting next week.


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