The community rushed to post Cheeto's bail.

The dog most everyone knows as accompanying Juan (the cartman) was sent to the DeSoto County Animal Control office for misconduct. The red dog's mandatory sentence is 10 days in quarantine.

But springing Cheeto from jail would cost Juan cash he didn't have. So the issue surfaced on social media … and exploded. One person paid DeSoto's $207 fee that covers costs and feeding, another woman had a donation jar at Sweet T's Subs on N. Brevard. Shop owner Christina Yates was stunned as patrons on Friday dropped more than $400 into the jar within a couple of hours, which included two $100 bills.

“Amazing,” Yates said, “makes me feel great.”

Arcadia has embraced Cheeto and Juan as their own, often sharing stories and concern about the pair that seem inseparable. This isn't Cheeto's first brush with the law, however, picked up on a previous charge and released to his dog parent.

Confined at DeSoto's Animal Control complex, staff have stories and know the dog well, but caution visitors that no one may come near him.

Cheeto, apparently, is one man's dog.

DeSoto Animal Control also noted that a mobile clinic will be in town Aug. 19. A Neuter Scooter is available from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Pet sterilization costs are income-based.

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