Do you ever notice how there are always some people who seem to complain about everything, constantly? Look up the word “miserable” in the dictionary, and you might see their photo next to it.

My take on those who are always bellyaching and negative is that they should focus on being more thankful. And that goes for all of us. After all, isn’t there a worse place to be and poorer health to be in than where any of us are right now? That’s how I see it and why I feel blessed beyond what I deserve.

Awhile back I was talking to some folks about counting our blessings and then sharing them. Somebody asked what I was talking about, as far as how to share them, so let me say that I’m not talking about giving away everything you get, but just reaching out to touch the lives of others.

I’m talking about lending a hand whenever necessary because you’ve been blessed with enough good health to do so. Helpful is a good quality to possess and a good one to demonstrate.

I’m talking about offering a kind word or a smile to a stranger who looks like they could use one. Especially if you’re in a good mood. Or even if you’re not, because it might do the both of you some good.

I’m talking about making the choice to build someone up with encouragement when it’d be much easier to tear them down with criticism. That might make all the difference in their day and maybe even their mental well-being.

I’m talking about not keeping all those hugs to yourself, because they’re scarce in the lives of many. You may not be the “huggy” type, but just that simple act could give assurance to somebody out there and let them know that somebody knows they exist.

I’m talking about reaching out to someone with a visit or a phone call if they tend to cross your mind a lot and you haven’t seen or heard from them in awhile, just to make sure they’re alright and to let them know that you’re thinking of them.

I’m talking about pushing others to the forefront when there’s a chance of them being recognized for the good that they do, and taking a back seat from where you can cheer them on. Too many go through life doing the best they can, and then too often, nobody ever notices.

I’m talking about committing a random act of kindness where others are concerned. Even if nobody notices it. Be cordial and respectful, give more than you take, and by all means look for reasons to compliment others. You’ll be surprised how much that means to them. Oh yeah, and manners — you can’t use them enough.

I’m talking about doing what needs doing and saying what needs saying, because when we’re gone, those good intentions will be buried right along with us. And don’t do any of this as a trade-off, expecting to be repaid. Just keep doing it and you’ll be blessed when you least expect it by somebody who’s thoughtful and caring enough to be doing the same thing.

That’s what I’m talking about.


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