Let’s face it — Facebook is here to stay, and even if the day came when it wasn’t free, millions would pay to get it. But what is it about this social media conglomerate that makes everybody so sharing and so daring?

I have to wonder how it was that we survived without it back in the day. I think it’s because of the unending network it has become, forever altering the circles we move in and bringing unending interaction with friends, loved ones, and even strangers. I’m thinking there’s a distant familiarity that helps us feel at home with it, and we are drawn into the inner workings even subconsciously because we are reminding of things.

Like what, you might ask. Well, consider this week’s helping of Grits & Pieces, and you may start to see it yourself:

Facebook is like a soapbox, where you can express your opinions, but do so at the risk of others getting on their soapboxes and feeding it right back to you.

Facebook is like “open mic” night at a comedy club, to share your wit and be bombarded with what others think is funny as well, or you’ll find out real fast what’s not funny at all to them.

Facebook is like a never-ending photo album that you’re subjected to and then you turn right around and subject others to yours, too. But that’s okay, you’re just being a normal parent or grandparent.

Facebook is like group therapy — I’ll just leave it at that.

Facebook is like telephone party lines of yore — you never know who might speak up or who’s just sitting there, quietly taking it all in.

Facebook is like a traffic accident — impossible to look away from.

Facebook is like elementary school, with all the friending and unfriending going on. It can even be as petty as high school, complete with cliques who won’t let you into their circles by not accepting your friend request.

Facebook is like a daily family reunion that sometimes includes those who you thought were twice-removed. Or at least wish they’d been.

Facebook is like Big Brother. No explanation needed.

Facebook is like hosting an open house event or yard sale — you never know who’ll wander in and what they’ll think of your stuff.

Facebook is like having a front row seat on “The Jerry Springer Show,” with way too many drama mamas and catty daddies.

Facebook is like going to the swimming hole — there’s no lifeguard on duty, so enter at your own risk.

Facebook is like fishing. You throw some bait out there, then wait to see if you get any nibbles. And if you get nothing, you change your bait and try again.

Facebook is like being a starving child with your nose pressed up against the glass of a restaurant or bakery, and if you’re not careful, you might catch yourself licking your computer screen, with all those yummified recipes showing up.

Facebook is like having a secret clubhouse when you have a private page with only select members.

Facebook is like a time machine because it let’s you go back in time with the memories feature, and recapture past conversations with friends who posted on your threads.

Facebook is like a drug that’s got you hooked. You say you can walk away from it, but we all know that’s a lie. No wonder some call it “Crackbook.”

And finally, Facebook is like hearing voices in your head, except thankfully, you have delete and block buttons to silence them!


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