DeSoto business briefs, 03/14/19


Ghost-hunters in Arcadia, join themA Vero Beach firm hosts a paranormal investigation April 20 in Arcadia. The visit from Indian River Hauntings coincides with a special evening at Mary Margaret’s Tea & Biscuit, the menu just for those in a visit to the downtown Old Opera House. Ghost-hunters regularly visit Arcadia, the Old Opera House a favorite. Visitors will also investigate paranormal activities at Mary Margaret’s and other rooms in the historic pink building in which the restaurant is located at Polk and Oak. Tickets are $75 and include the dinner, an introduction to ghost-hunting and the five-hour Opera House visit.

History editor shares Seminole backstoryArcadian history editor Carol Mahler was featured at the Kennedy-Darling Trading Post during the Fort Chokonikla Reenactment at Payne’s Creek Historic State Park last weekend. She sang about how the Seminole families suffered through the Second Seminole War, the longest, bloodiest, and most costly of all the wars of “Indian removal.” Although the U.S. Army established Fort Chokonikla near the burned trading post, the soldiers garrisoned there never fired a shot and succumbed to diseases, such as malaria. Declared unhealthy, the fort was closed after only a few months and is commemorated in the reenactment at Paynes Creek Historic State Park. Mahler will appear Saturday at the Pioneer Day & BBQ at Veterans Memorial Park in Arcadia.

Sheriff’s report for 2018 releasedThe DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office released stats from 2018. Those include:

Criminal calls:

Burglaries, 230

Disturbances, 508

Larceny, 304

Robberies, 12

Prowler/Peeper, 14

Criminal Mischief, 88

Trespass/Unwanted Person, 291

Battery, 62

Sexual Battery, 33

Illegal Dumping, 18

Child Custody, 61

Fraud, 251

Domestic Violence, 223

Threats/ Harassment, 181

Curfew Violation, 1

Retail Theft, 63

Non-criminal calls:

Baker Acts & Transports 247, Alarms 547, Special Patrol 19,511, Uniformed Traffic Citation 1,061, Traffic Stops 2,678, School Bus Checks 2,369


Written Warnings 681, Crash Investigations 343, DUI Arrests/Citations 19, Public Educational Events 10

Admin stats:

Miles Patrolled 891,795, Judicial Complex Visitors, (Average) 47,400, Funeral Escorts 56, Special Details (Off-Duty) 77, Average Response Time To Calls 8:06, sheriff Potter’s welcoming page


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