Robert Vaughn "Ace" Eady, 35, was arrested on a second degree murder charge for the death of Matthew Giddens.

According to APD's arrest report, on July 26, Eady went to Veronica Savage's home to pick up the four-year-old daughter they shared. (Eady and Savage were reportedly separated.) When he arrived, the child told Eady someone else was at the house.

When Eady questioned Savage, she denied anyone else was at the house. He left with the child, but returned shortly thereafter, saying the girl needed to use the restroom. 

As Eady approached the house, Savage and her boyfriend, Matthew Giddens, had been arguing; the two reportedly had a tumultuous relationship. 

Savage answered the door and brought the girl into the house. According to Eady, he asked Savage if Giddens was in the house and she nodded in the direction of the bedroom. (Savage denied inviting Eady in or indicating the bedroom.) 

Savage walked the child to the restroom. Eady, meanwhile, said he went into the bedroom and lifted a sheet on the floor. Giddens sprang up with a knife in his hands. Eady kicked at Giddens to keep him away and then got his own knife from his pocket. The next thing Eady said he remembered, he said, was seeing Giddens bleeding. 

Eady said he sensed the child in the room so he grabbed her, told Savage to call 911, and took off. 

The first officer to reach Savage's residence saw Giddens lying in a pool of blood with a knife in his hands. DeSoto County Fire Rescue arrived and pronounced Giddens deceased.

Eady was arrested on August 2 and is being held on $500,000 bond. Arraignment is scheduled for August 8.


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