A soured relationship turned so violent that an Arcadia woman was hospitalized for days after enduring repeated beatings, alleged sexual assaults and confinement against her will over a bloody weekend in late January, according to Arcadia police.

The victim escaped her captor after a whispered call alerted a social worker, who then phoned police. Her alleged attacker was picked up bicycling away from a home that police would describe as stained and spattered in blood, Arcadia police Marshal Matthew Anderson said. Small kids found in the home were turned over to relatives for safe-keeping.

Clarence Lorad Edmonds, 30, is charged with a series of crimes that include attempted murder, kidnapping and sexual assault. The alleged victim is a former girlfriend who had broken off the relationship, Anderson said. She was hospitalized due to injuries caused by strangulation with a cord, multiple beatings and sexual battery, police said. The woman also alleges that Edmonds nearly suffocated her by holding her face in bathtub water and used a kitchen knife in other attacks. The woman alleged that he also forced pills on her. Melatonin was recovered at the home.

According to police investigators, here’s what happened: Edmonds and the 26-year-old woman had an on/off relationship over four years. The pair had two children in that time. Edmonds, according to police, just before the alleged attack had proposed but was turned down by the woman. There was a history of violence between the couple, police said.

Edmonds, police said, then ambushed the woman outside her home on South Orange as she placed trash outside on Jan. 25, a Friday. He hustled the woman back inside and over three days beat and sexually attacked her. The woman’s name is withheld due to privacy laws. The woman during the ordeal was locked inside the home, along with the two children. The older of the two kids greeted police summoned to the home on Jan. 28, that Monday, after the victim made a rushed call to a social worker assigned to her family. The weekend, police alleged, was a repeated series of violence and near-death assaults.

Police at the home were welcomed by one child, found another in a urine-soaked crib, investigators reported. Walls, floors, blankets and furniture were stained or splattered with what police later determined was blood. The woman had suffered injuries requiring hospitalization.

Edmonds faces possible life in prison and is held without bond in the DeSoto County Jail.


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