Fresh Luke Wilson take: Happy Thanks-taking to all you pilgrims out there

Happy Thanks-taking, y'all! I bet you thought I was going to say Thanksgiving, didn't you?

So many folks count their blessings at this time of year and particularly this week, when most sit down to a traditional meal of turkey, dressing, and a host of other vittles prepared by friends and family. There is so much to be thankful for (everything but the calories), but I suspect that a lot of things get taken for granted.

I'm not just talking about the ladies of the family who usually prepare the food and wash dishes afterwards, or the menfolk who intend to watch football but wind up in a light coma because of tryptophan (you know, that delicious form of amino acid found in turkey that acts as kryptonite against even the strongest of super football fans). Us dudes might be more powerful than a wishbone and faster than a drumstick snatcher when it comes to changing TV channels with the remote, but we're no match for that stuff!

We take way too much for granted, at Thanksgiving and all throughout the year. We count on there being family feasts for such gatherings, and that we'll all be healthy and happy and eat ourselves silly, with lots of leftovers so we can have those great turkey sandwiches for a week afterwards. Leftovers are great, but what about the left out?

By that I mean those who are left out at holiday gatherings and for the most part, every day when it comes to food and shelter. Food drives during holiday seasons are wonderful, benevolent causes, but where do meals come from as the calendar moves past those events? We take it for granted that they'll get by and that somebody somewhere will provide something for them to eat.

I'm very thankful that there are a number of organizations in our little town of Arcadia that feed the homeless and provide other needs. I know some fall through the cracks at times, but the provisions are in place. One of my favorite things to do is eat, and it humbles me to know that some folks go to bed hungry. Our school system provides free breakfast and lunch for students if they choose to take advantage of it, but I have heard from some in the know that these are the only meals they get in many cases. That makes me wonder what they do over the weekend and during summers, between grades. To be a child who is wondering when you'll get your next meal is

Thanksgiving truly is a time to be with friends and loved ones. Small communities such as Arcadia are often known as being like family, and evidence of this is seen time and again. Let a local child be in desperate need of funds for medical treatment or even worse—their burial, and you'll see this town rally. Same goes for when a home burns—donations of money, clothes, and other goods for the family begin pouring in. This is something we can take a little hometown pride in.

We may have a good amount of problems here in DeSoto County, but that's found everywhere you go. We have a good amount of love and concern as well. We may not express it all the time, but it's there and it comes into play pretty quick when the need arises.

I hope your Thanksgiving is a very blessed one, and that you'll take time this holiday season to think of others by praying for them, spending a moment talking to many to wish them well, and by lending a hand when you can. That's the difference between Thanksgiving and Thanks-taking; giving, instead of taking. Always remember that the power of love for others is stronger than anything a greasy old wishbone could ever grant you.

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