So everybody is abuzz about how our little city applied to be part of "HGTV's Home Town Takeover" show. Or at least the ones who believe in Arcadia.

It's a long shot, but I can't help but ask, why not us?

Maybe the odds are not the best, but should that stop us from being hopeful and looking at our little town with some respect and pride? Not at all. Everybody needs something worth believing in, so again, why not us?

Yes, we live in a poor county. Yes, there are more eyesores around than we'd like to see. Yes, there are improvements that need to be made. That just means there's nowhere to go but up, I say.

Just think of how great it would be if our town was selected and given a makeover. Our historic district features many buildings and homes that are over a century in age. Many are still in great shape, and not only that, they stand as time capsules of sort, and reflect the hopes and dreams of so many who came before us.

Even if we aren't chosen by HGTV, why can't we do a hometown take over of our own? Yes, we have a lot of potholes in our roads, but the city has been reworking them one by one, and doing an excellent job of it. My hat is off to them. We have good number of homeless individuals here, but there's a program here called C.A.R.E.S. that is making a difference in their lives. Our Guardian ad Litem program and Teen Court are touching and changing young lives.

And the list goes on.

We can all do something. Taking pride in our community is a great thing. We can start by cleaning up our own properties or volunteering to do the same for others. I keep a plastic crate in the back of my truck and wherever I park, if I see some trash, I put it in there to dispose of later. If I'm heading down the sidewalk in town and see trash, I pick it up and carry it to the closest receptacle. That doesn't sound like much, but that's a few less articles discarded by uncaring litterbugs that will be gone.

We can get to know our neighbors and take pride in our neighborhoods, as far as trash and safety are concerned. We can shop local to support our friends and neighbors who also believe in our community. We can learn the history of our county and find a reason to be proud of where we live. We can attend local sporting events and other community activities to make a difference in the lives of our students and those who bring something positive to the forefront.

Find a reason to compliment others. Lend a hand without being asked. Support local fundraisers. Get involved with our local government by at least attending the meetings and asking questions. And by all means, find something nice to share or to comment about on while using social media, where so many seem to delight in complaining about everything. Look for the good and praise it, as they say.

Arcadia finding itself on that TV show isn't completely impossible, so there's always hope. But one thing that is entirely possible is that if more folks took an interest in our community and started doing what they could to make positive differences, there'd be no end to the improvements we would all see, and take pride in. Now that's what I call a hometown takeover.

I love our town, our community, our people, our heritage and our potential. Let's make it a better place to be, even if only for our children and grandchildren.


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