ARCADIA — A plane was forced to make an emergency crash landing in an orange grove near Arcadia on Saturday.

The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office posted about the incident on Facebook on Monday, noting that no serious injuries were reported.

According to authorities, a husband and wife pair were flying a small plane out of Springfield, Florida and had planned to land at Arcadia Municipal Airport to refuel.

The plane experienced a loss of power as they prepared for final landing. The pilot told authorities that he was near SE Highway 31 at the time and determined that there were too many vehicles on the road to attempt an emergency landing.

Instead, he diverted the plane toward a nearby orange grove.

Personnel from both the Sheriff’s Office and DeSoto County Fire Rescue responded to the call and secured the scene of the crash.

“This all could’ve ended very differently,” read the Sheriff’s Office statement. “We are just so thankful everyone is OK.”

Officials at the Arcadia Municipal Airport declined to comment on the incident, stating that the Sheriff’s Office statement provided all the details about the situation.


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