Arcadia-DeSoto Habitat for Humanity's Jennifer Bowser

Thanks to you, DeSoto County families are realizing their dreams!

In a few months, Fany and her family will be realizing their dream of a safe, stable home of their own. They have worked hard, skimped and saved to make their dream a reality. We expect to complete their home in early 2020 and, with your help, continue on to the next dream.

Because, that is why we are here … to make dreams a reality.

DeSoto County has a tremendous need for affordable housing. The 2019 average rent for a two bedroom apartment is $723/month. That is an increase of $50 per month from 2018. A very large percentage of DeSoto County renters are paying over 50 percent of their income on housing. This leaves very little for the "extras" in life like utilities, food, clothing, education and medicine.

Your donations can and do make a difference in DeSoto County.

Our waiting list is overflowing with families who are living in crowded, unsafe, and many times deplorable conditions. They are just like you and I. They love each other and work hard to give their children the best possible future. They are not asking for a "freebie." They understand that a Habitat home comes with a mortgage and a responsibility to be a conscientious and contributing member of our community. They simply need our help to improve their living conditions. With your help we CAN change their situations and build safe, affordable homes where their children will thrive.

Rebecca's family is next on our list and we are anxious to begin construction on their home. They have completed their education and sweat equity requirements; they have purchased the property where the home will be built; they have cleared the land; and they have waited patiently for the last four years. Please consider a generous tax deductible donation this holiday season to help make their dream a reality.

Please visit our website at to give, or simply mail your check to the address below. Your gift will provide families with hope for a better tomorrow.

All of us here at Habitat appreciate your continuing support and wish you and your family the merriest of holiday seasons!

Jennifer Bowser is the executive director of the Arcadia-DeSoto Habitat for Humanity.


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