Three new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Arcadia, including two men and a woman.

The first case was reported a few days ago but the patient wasn't actually being treated in DeSoto County. The state defines patients by where they live, not where they are being treated.

The latest news from the state shows that none of the DeSoto County patients are being treated in hospitals. This may indicate that they are being asked to shelter at home.

Here are the latest details on the DeSoto County cases, as given by the Florida Department of Health:

Total Cases: 4

Residents: 4

Residents Not in Florida: 0

Non-Residents: 0

Demographics of Cases

Age Range: 27 to 32

Average Age: 53

Men: 3

Women: 1

Conditions and Care

Deaths: 0

Hospitalizations: 0

Case Designations

Travel-Related: 0

Not Travel-Related: 4

Travel Unknown: 0


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