Mystery man thanked for kindness


Vicky Sullivan McCumber and Steven “Gunny” McCumber want to find the mystery man on the scene of their July motorcycle accident.


Arcadian Editor

Steven “Gunny” McCumber and Vicky Sullivan McCumber were heading to a ninth anniversary dinner on their Harley when a deer darted from the side of the road.

Suddenly. Both tumbled as the motorcycle struck the animal. Gunny McCumber recalls almost a dream of the accident, drifting in and out and only wanting to hear his wife’s voice and that she was safe. Both had broken bones and things were scattered everywhere.

What Gunny McCumber remembers clearly about the accident, however, is a mystery man appearing, like a ghost from the mist. The man comforted the injured couple, got emergency crews to the accident, always hovering and offering kindnesses, McCumber said. After the July accident and a long healing period, McCumber searched for the Samaritan using social media. They’re still looking. McCumber shared a slice of their story with the Arcadian.

McCumber: “My memories of the man who helped us are limited to the white truck, and from my perspective from laying in the road, he was a Hispanic man. I didn’t mention this in my (social media) post because I didn’t want anyone to turn it racial. As it often ends up in today’s climate.

“My reasons for finding him were to obviously thank him. And also to let the community know that people are fundamentally good-natured, and not too busy going about their daily lives to stop and help someone who desperately needed it.

“He restored my faith in humanity due to his actions that day. He could have just as easily left the scene once the first-responders arrived. But he didn’t, he followed his compassion and stayed until he helped load me into the ambulance. Only then did he go about his business!

“When I meet this man, and I fully intend to do this, I will express my gratitude, and be sure that he knows that I will help him out in any way I can, for as long as I can! I owe him nothing less!

“My message to his parents would be to congratulate them on raising such a fine man. They most definitely instilled something in him that caused him to rise up in this situation. And to do what we all hope we would do in a similar situation.”


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