To those seekers of peace, this is for your information. I’ll explain some terms that I had used or will use in my writings. They are: cherry-picker, uhuru, ultimate power source and Allah.

The term cherry-pickers, I use this to explain those who think that their duty is to attack their fellow human being’s way of life. They or their leaders go into other scriptures to pick out information that they misinterpret to prove they are the righteous and yours are false writings, not realizing that someone can do the same thing to their scriptures. Remember when you point, there are three fingers pointing back.

Uhuru is a Swahili word for freedom. It’s the ability to move about in society without being oppressed, to suppress or being denied your liberty to choose the way of life that you want to journey on.

The ultimate power source, or UPS, is a term to recognize one single force or multiple forces responsible for our existent. There are many beliefs and paths to make your journey on. It’s a choice that everyone makes as to how they will live and pursue their goals. I believe we all have a beginning and we will all return to the ultimate power source from which we were derived.

As for me, my ultimate power source is Allah.

Allah is an Arabic word for creator of the universe and of all living things. English speakers use the term God, but Arabic-speaking Jews, Christians and Muslims identify Allah as being the Supreme Originator. The most basic nature of Allah is His oneness, uniqueness and being omnipotent and omniscient. Everything Allah does flows from Love and Grace. When Allah extends mercy, kindness, blessings, guidance, trials and tribulations, it is through His Grace.

Let’s take a look at Allah’s Grace, it’s unmerited favor; if any human being is living, it’s under Grace. Allah’s Grace is goodness towards those that are living. The involuntary movements and functions of our body are not due to our will, but by Allah’s Will and Grace. Each beat of our heart and every breath is by Allah’s Grace. Those who voluntarily reject or disobey the Will of Allah are also living under Grace, whether you believe in Allah or that Grace exists. And as soon as you accept and do good deeds, the Mercy of Allah awaits you. Those who submit their will to Allah’s won’t automatically attain eternal salvation through their level of faith or deeds only; it’s how you lived on your journey. Then success will be with those who want it, who strive for it, and Allah’s will encompasses them with His Mercy and Grace.

I’ve been told time after time from my brothers and sisters that they don’t live by the law, they live in grace. My questions are to help me understand. When did Allah’s Grace begin and are there biblical accounts of grace in the Old Testament, or is it just about law?

If it be the Will of Allah, I’ll continue the subject of “Amazing” Grace next week.

In the meantime, may we be respectful, tolerant and patient, live in Peace and Love as we remain consistent in our journey in the Light.

Alibaba Lumumba is a believer of peace who sees Arcadia’s potential and wants to participate in the evolving process in the future of the city and DeSoto County


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