Then they came for the women … she didn’t stay in her place … it was her fault, even in the Garden of Eden.

With power and money man is less accountable for his actions. The question asked, “Why did she go with him? She knew what the outcome would be.”

The questions never are, “Why’d he invite her into a comprising situation, or why isn’t he held accountable for his actions? Oh, I forgot, once a man is engendered, he’s excused from having self-control.”

Then women say “she got what she deserved.” I smiled with a silly grin; well, I’m not a woman.

They came for the presidency with the Birtherism Movement, to challenge the right of a black person to hold such an office. Never believing that a person of color is mentally capable to function in such a challenging position. Now an African American is in the top five candidates for her party nomination for president ... and they say she’s not really black. I smiled, muttered at the TV and justified my apathy by saying “they’ll never let us get ahead,” or justified my complacencies on that’s God will or I’m not a black person.

They came for the presidency with an ambiguous slogan. Purposely being unclear to the masses, leaving us choices between alternatives that have not been defined. “They” interpret what’s already in their heart. I shrug my shoulders, scratch my head and justified my inaction because it’s only a slogan.

They came for those who have disabilities, without love, compassion, making fun and making light of another human being’s challenges in their life’s journey; and you say that you believe in God? I proclaim “that’s a shame!” Then have frivolous conversations to ease my conscience, then I continue to do nothing because—I’m not disabled.

Then they came for the media: for reporting news that wasn’t favorable to them, that “they” created or embellished and being an alarmist to scare the masses to come back to their way of life. When exposed, “they” label free press as “Fake News.” Everyone can see through this tactic, plus it’s only a minority of the population. This too will pass while watching my TV.

They came for the immigrants, afraid of racial imbalance, making concentration camps, separating families and creating an environment that can incubate diseases. They chant “Build the Wall!” and redefine that immigration should be based on education, wealth, skills and from a country like Norway. I laugh and say let them build the wall, that way the country can move forward (to what?) while I still do nothing.

Then they came for the religion of Islam. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, they need another boogeyman, Islam. They needed to separate Muslim from Islam. When the statement is posed to the “they” mentally, from Al Quran, “Make not mischief (corruption or disorder) on the earth,” “they” said: Why, we only want to make peace! (by securing our borders and to be reformers to the Muslim people). “They” said, why hate us, we never did anything to them and quietly approved the provocations and wars. You may not be Muslim ... but I am.

Now, they come for me, there isn’t anyone left to pray for or with me. I can’t speak up for myself because I no longer live in a free-speech society. I can’t get the free press to cover my arrest because it has been classified as “Fake News” and banned. Now all the media is controlled by the government and I have been classified as a dissident and obsolete to our new way of life. I find the laws that are created now do apply to me, even though it’s vague and reinterpreted in the language of the “they” mentality. I can’t even flee the country because the borders are closed. Leaving me wondering … do “they” really believe this is Providence?

May we be Respectful, Tolerant and Patient; live in Peace and Love as we be Consistent in our journey in the Light.

Alibaba Lumumba is a believer of peace who sees Arcadia’s potential and wants to participate in the evolving process in the future of the city and DeSoto County.


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