Wow, I cannot understand how some women and men in the area can be so blind. All for party loyalty.

What happened to country first. We are all on the same team. The USA team. We are Republicans and Democrats on the same team. The USA team.

Forget that Trump is a Republican. He is suppose to be president of our team — the USA team. Proof of Trump's impeachable offenses is everywhere from experts who know to those with first hand knowledge or have heard it right from Trump's mouth.

Or the experts who have said it is a no-brainer. Witness after witness heard Trump impeach himself. There is proof and there is no doubt that Trump should be impeached. He is stealing from you. He is stealing from your way of life. Your money. Your country and your brain.

You have walked into the trap. The Russians want you in it. Trump is their puppet. Can't you see this?

If and when Republicans finally come to realize the truth, it might be too late. We could be another communist country under Putin. Do not listen to Fox. Listen to the experts in the impeachment trial.

Don't let our country be ruled by Putin and the Russians all because you want to keep a Putin Republican puppet in office. Don't let Putin win.

Ann DeVore

Port Charlotte


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