One tactic of the Radical Left is to silence good people by defaming their character and reputation—like they did to Judge Kavanaugh and the MAGA hat teen, Nicholas Sandmann.

We Americans are facing one of the greatest crises of our entire history—the overthrow of our democracy for an authoritarian society that does not tolerate other ideas, dissenting views, or criticism. Declaring certain controversies not open to debate, they inflict serious consequences on those who disagree with them.

According to Charles Krauthammer, “Liberals think conservatives are evil.” Perhaps this explains the Left’s use of name calling like Nazis, bigots, dangerous extremists as a way to silence the voices of people whose moral, spiritual, or political views they disagree with.

We are a city set on a hillWhat’s underneath these attacks is hatred for the people who believe in that “shining city on a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.” (President Ronald Reagan)

The phrase A City upon a Hill is from the parable of Salt and Light in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Here Jesus says to his followers, “You are the salt of the earth, the light of the world, and a city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Designating hate speech and hate groupsClaiming their motivation is decency, the radical Left, in concert with some of the media and certain nonprofit organizations, are designating hate speech and hate groups as a way to silence opposing ideas and viewpoints—making the average American afraid to speak. Recently the Attorney General in Michigan created a hate crime unit, weaponizing free speech. Their goal is to investigate any organization identified as a hate group by groups like Southern Poverty Law Center, as a way to control dissenting opinions and thoughts.

Hatred, violence, murderHatred begins with the feeling we’ve been wronged. As we rehash the wrongs, resentment grows, along with desire for revenge. Someone must pay for what they did to me. By making someone pay, we think we can get rid of the pain we feel.

As anger increases, hatred moves into the heart. Never benign, hatred says you do not have a right to live, at least not in my presence. Hatred turns to violent behaviors. When violence turns to murder, we want to physically wipe the person off the face of the earth.

However, most of us do not use a knife or gun, but we try to destroy someone using our words. We verbally abuse them or assassinate their character.

Dream — a city under attackSeveral years ago in a dream I saw a city that was under attack, not from the outside, but from within. I sent out a request, asking what we should do: should we surrender, or should we resist. The word came back: Resist.

This is what motivates me as I write. The Bible says we are destroyed for lack of knowledge, so I try to explain what is going on in our country, our families, and our individual lives, and what we can do about it from a Christian perspective.

Are you aware of the many voices calling us to wake up and protect our God-given rights, especially freedom of speech? Liberal Dave Rubin says, “If we don’t, then we will get what we deserve—and it will be something far worse than what we have now.”

Pray for good governmentOnly awakened Christians can stop this craziness. According to the Bible, we have a responsibility toward the nation we live in, and it is in our power to change the course of our nation for the better.

“If my people humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

The Bible says when we come together in prayer, we are to pray first for “kings and all who are in authority that we may lead a quiet and tranquil life in all godliness and dignity.” (1 Timothy 2:2)

We must realize that our primary responsibility in prayer is to pray for our government, that our leaders will do their job properly. Author and Bible teacher Derick Prince observed that in multitudes of churches the people never think about that, even once in a month. (“Secrets of a Prayer Warrior” p. 57)

Can you believe that your prayers can change history? That our voices will not be silenced?

Judith Doctor, RN, MSW, is an Arcadian author, speaker, and spiritual life mentor. President of Kairos Ministries, Inc., her live broadcasts can be heard monthly on Radio Horeb in Europe. Her books on dreams and forgiveness are available on Amazon and other online booksellers.|


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