Editorial cartoon for 07/02/20

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just curious

There seems to be a lot of confusion about mailing in a ballot for an election. Persons have described the process in our great state for Absentee Ballots, which is to request a ballot and sign for it. When you have completed your ballot you insert into a security sleeve and insert both into the official envelope and sign the outside of the envelope as instructed. Your signatures will be verified and when that is verified the person opening the envelope takes out the security sleeve containing the ballot and thus insures your secret ballot. I have heard several reports of person receiving a ballot for a member of their families who have been deceased for several years, or no person by that name lives at that address. Those are example of of wholesale mail in voting. Ballots are mailed out to everyone on a voter list. These lists are not kept updated or dead persons would not be getting ballots in the mail. Does this help clarify why we applaud the Absentee ballot process which requires a signature fir verification versus wholesale mailing of ballots to a list that may or may not be correct as persons move and persons die and perhaps lists do not get updated. We all want and need fair and verifiable elections so please do not say that mail in votes are good when in fact unless they can be verified they could be a heyday for those who choose to cheat.

Jan Crooks

Englewood, Florida

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