Sun Newspapers apologizes to our readers, many who were incensed about a letter to the editor in Sunday’s edition.

A writer, John Surkan, who gives a Port Charlotte address, wrote that spending money to help older victims of COVID-19 should be used to help others and allow older people to fend for themselves.

It was an opinion that, naturally, we would never agree with.

The purpose of an editorial or viewpoint page is to create conversation. Letters in particular often stir controversy. Sun Newspapers have always had a liberal policy on allowing letter writers to have strong opinions, even be wrong in statements they make.

We believe if you ban one letter because it is nasty or mean-spirited, it is difficult to draw a line where that stops. Which letters do we print and which ones do we toss? Pretty soon, people would accuse us of being biased and only running letters we agree with.

Perhaps, in light of reaction to Sunday’s letter, our editorial board should review its policy.

Sun Newspapers have always had and will continue to strive for high standards in the news we print, our editorials and all content in the newspaper.

For our readers who were offended Sunday, we again apologize.


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