The Mosaic Company is no stranger to criticism, even protests, from anti-mining groups, environmentalists and even this newspaper when we believe it is appropriate.

But we would be remiss to not recognize the company for its efforts to do better and to be a good neighbor.

The company's reputation earned a gold star recently when Newsweek named it as one of America's Most Responsible Companies. This is no small accomplishment.

Newsweek investigated the practices of more than 2,000 companies nationwide and graded them on environmental, social and corporate governance, according to a Sun story by Betsy Calvert.

While Mosaic, as might be expected, fared low in environmental scores with a 191st ranking, its corporate governance rated 52nd and its overall mark was 109th among the 2,000-plus companies considered.

Mosaic Company was born from a merger with IMC Global and Cargill, Inc. Anyone who has lived in Florida for more than a couple of decades might recall the battles between those two companies and governments — including Charlotte County — who fought to restrict phosphate mining.

Mosaic has changed its approach both to mining and to communities where it digs. Its leadership has sought to revamp phosphate mining's image. The Newsweek recognition will go a long way toward solidifying the image Mosaic seeks.

Companies that made Newsweek's cut had to have assets of $50 billion, not be involved in national defense and not have been involved in major scandals or lawsuits.

Congratulations to Mosaic for this achievement.


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