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Just want to ask why the Mosaic interviews Part 1 and Part 2 (Jan. 17/Jan. 24 Arcadian) were highlighted on the front page, top of fold, while the rebuttal (Feb. 7 Arcadian) by well known and respected Suncoast Waterkeeper Andy Mele was on page 21? There was not even a blurb on the front page directing readers that it was inside. This placement does not look fair and impartial.

Candace Lawless


Problems, requests

and considerations

Problem: Mosaic, a giant chemical company ($12.1 billion/Fortune 500), who is going county by county to get land rezoned. Small Florida counties can’t fight Fortune 500 companies alone. Floridians must stick together protecting our natural resources. In August 2018, DeSoto County commissioners voted 4-1 against Mosaic’s application seeking to rezone more than 14,000 acres from farmland to industrial mining. One month later, Mosaic requested dispute mediation, which is not typical for corporations or situations of this scale and magnitude. Now, Mosaic is scheduled for a public mediation session, April 3, 2019, in DeSoto County.

Request: All of Florida ‘s government officials take action by working together. All actions be approved by governor down to local entities.


A) Accountability — Repair current damages to natural state.

B) Mining — How are they going to repair and restore wetlands?

C) Waste — They can’t handle their waste. We have massive waste piles (gypstacks) like mountains containing waste byproducts (mildly radioactive) of phosphate mining.

D) Mosaic hasn’t met its own goal of reducing freshwater use increases over the years. Usage is at 70 million gallons a day.

E) Mosaic has a significant violation history in our state.

F) Red tide feeds on blue-green algae from Mosaic’s waste products.

G) Significant loss of tourism dollars ... current and future.

H) How much can our aquifer take?

Patti Jones



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