Joshua Jay Blattner, 45, entered the Florida prison system on May 29 after being sentenced to five years in the Department of Corrections, followed by five years of probation on charges of grand theft and writing bad checks.

According to records from the DeSoto and Charlotte county sheriffs offices, Clerk of Court and DOC, in August 2013, a DeSoto County business owner reported he was the victim of fraud after a friend introduced him to Blattner, who reportedly had "connections" with auto dealers and could get used cars at a low price. He claimed he could buy cars a dealer was getting ready to sell at auction, and auction them himself to make up to 50 percent profit on the sale.

The businessman gave Blattner money to buy vehicles which could them be sold, giving the businessman a majority of the profit. In all, he gave Blattner $21,000. Blattner claimed all the cars had bold and he would give the owner the $21,000 plus $14,000 in profit. 

But over the following month, Blattner reportedly kept coming up with excuses as to why he did not yet have the money. Finally, Blattner wrote out a persona check for $35,000 but told the owner not to cash it until the checks received from the auction cleared.

However, when the owner finally went to the bank, there were no fund to pay on the check. Finally, when the owner said he was going to report him to law enforcement, Blattner agreed to meet him at a bank the next day. But he did not show up, claiming he was stuck in Tampa, saying he had cahs and would drop it off later in the afternoon. When Blattner failed to show up with the cash, however, he then said he would deliver a cashier's check the next day.

He was arrested in DeSoto County in 2013 on a charge of grand theft.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office reported a similar situation, in which Blattner reportedly defrauded customers of money. One customer had loaned Blattner $67,500 in cash and was similarly unable to get his money back. He was arrested by CCSO on charges of giving worthless checks and grand theft. 

In 2014, Blattner entered a plea of no contest in the DeSoto case and was sentenced to supervised probation for 10 years. He was ordered to repay $21,000 to the victim along with court costs. 

But soon after, he violated the terms of probation by failing to make payments to the victim. He was arrested and probation was revoked but was later reinstated with an order to make repayments to the victim at a higher rate. 

He again violated probation by writing worthless checks in Tennessee and was arrested on a warrant. Subsequently, he once again violated in 2016 by committing grand theft, changing his residence without notifying his probation officer, failing to repay the victim, and writing worthless checks.

In April 2019, Blattner — who was then in Charlotte County jail — was ordered back to DeSoto County for a plea conference. Additional violation of probation were cited including grand theft, failing to repay the victim and moving without notification. On May 16, Blattner admitted the violations and was sentenced to serve five years in prison.

Blattner was transported to DOC on May 29 to begin serving five-year sentences for both Charlotte and DeSoto Counties, on charges of grand theft and writing fraudulent checks. His projected release date is Feb. 2, 2028.


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