The DeSoto County Sheriff's Office reported the arrest of Abel Galarza, 30, on charges of animal cruelty causing pain and suffering.

According to records from DCSO and the Clerk of Court, the sheriff's office was notified of an injured dog chained to a tree at a property on N.E. Childress Ave. When a deputy investigated, he found a dog tied to a tree with wire that appeared to be barbed wire with the points cut off. The wire had wrapped around one of the dog's rear legs and cut through the skin; the paw was swollen two to three times larger than normal. The dog was limping and could not walk on the sore leg.

The owner could not be located, so DeSoto County Animal Control came to get the dog, plus another dog that was running around loose on the property. Two other dogs which had been tied with the same wire did not appear to be injured or in distress, although they did not appear to have access to food or water.

When Galarza was finally reached three days later, he said he had been on vacation a few days. According to the arrest report, he said he had left food for the dogs on the porch but left no one to care for the animals. Galarza reportedly said none of the dogs had ever been vaccinated or treated by a vet.

Galarza was arrested on a charge of animal cruelty and released on $1,500 bond.


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