Anthony Joseph Jackson, 23, was sentenced last month to prison for four years based on his 2015 arrest for aggravated assault and other charges.

According to records from the Arcadia Police Department, DeSoto County Sheriff's Office, Clerk of Court and Department of Corrections, APD responded to a reported theft and aggravated assault. The victim said a man he knew was in his house and took $200 from a kitchen cabinet. The thief punched the victim in the face, and as the fight spilled outside, another man pulled a gun and pointed it at the victim. The two men then took off in a gray car.

A deputy stopped a car matching the description. Inside was the man accused of the theft, plus a man who identified himself as "Brandon Parks" (later found to be Jackson) and two other people. The deputy found a gun in the glove box and determined "Parks" met the description of the alleged gunman.

The alleged thief later claimed he had been the one to point the gun at the victim, not "Parks," but the other two people in the car, along with the victim, confirmed it had, in fact, been "Parks" with the handgun.

Upon his arrest, Jackson gave police the name of Parks, along with Parks' date of birth and social security number. However, the real Brandon Parks called DCSO and said Jackson — whom he did not know and had never met — had used his identity. (Parks, who lived in Sarasota, learned of the incident after someone called his girlfriend saying he was in the DeSoto jail.) Jail personnel determined that the fingerprints of the man who was arrested were actually those of Jackson. When they questioned Jackson, he asked for a lawyer.

Subsequently, Jackson was found to be in probation from a felony battery charge out of Charlotte County. He had three prior felony convictions. Jackson was held on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, fraud by impersonating or using the ID of another without consent, fraud by giving officers a false ID, and possession of a weapon or ammunition by a convicted felon. 

Jackson pleaded no contest and received a sentence of three years in prison followed by two on probation. He was transported to DOC in 2015 and released in April 2018. 

After his release from prison, Jackson was arrested for violation of probation by failing to notify his probation officer that he moved his residence and then was arrested in North Port on a charge of domestic violence by strangulation.

Jackson admitted the violations of probation and was sentenced last month to four years for the assault, gun charge and fraudulent use of ID. (He was also sentenced in February out of Charlotte County to four years for felony battery; as well as a charge out of Glades County for accessory in an attempted possession of a call phone in prison.) 

Jackson's expected release date has not yet been determined.


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