The DeSoto County Sheriff;s Office reported the arrest of Daniel Charles Webb, 43, of the 1000 block of S.E. Hillsborough Ave., Arcadia, on numerous drug-related charges.

According to records from DCSO and the Clerk of Court, in June a Confidential Informant was given money by DCSO detectives to purchase an "eight ball" (one-eighth ounce) of methamphetamine from Daniel Webb. Webb planned to meet the CI at a location on S.E.Hillsborough Avenue.

The CI got there and gave the money to Webb, who left, and returned shortly after with the drugs which he cave to the CI. Later, the drugs were tested and confirmed to be 9.67 grams of methamphetamine.

In another instance, the Arcadia Police Department gave money to a Confidential Informant to purchase meth from Webb. Again, the CI returned with a baggie of meth. The transaction took place less than 1,000 feet from the splash pad at McSwain Park.

Webb was arrested on charges of possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell or deliver, using a two-way communication device to facilitate a felony, possession or use of drug paraphernalia and delivery or distribution of meth within 1,000 feet of a park. He is being held in the DeSoto County Jail without bond.


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